Javier Pardo Diaz

I did my undergraduate in Biotechnology at the Technical University of Madrid (Spain) from 2013-2017 deciding to specialise myself in Bioinformatics. During that period I was also collaborating with Elena Caro’s group at the Center for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics (CBGP) in Madrid. Now I am starting a DPhil in Statistics (supervised by people from the Department of Statistics (see my webpage) and from the lab of Prof. Phil Poole) with the aim of establishing a protein interaction network between all the Rhizobium‘s proteins. This will help to understand the global behaviour of the bacteria by itself and with the legume,  and lead to ideas on how to modify that network in order to improve nitrogen fixation.

In Oct 2019: DPhil Student, Year 3 of 4 years

Javi’s project is funded by the EPSRC and supported by the Nottingham-based Legume Technology.