Thomas Underwood

I’m currently carrying out my DPhil as a part of the BBSRC interdisciplinary biosciences DTP. After completing rotations both in the Rhizosphere lab as well as in the Licausi Group, where I worked on hypoxia sensing, I joined the Rhizosphere lab for my DPhil project. This project will be focussed on the regulation of the legume-rhizobium symbiosis, with a particular focus on the sanctioning of inefficient nitrogen fixing strains by the host plant. This project is co-supervised by Professor Lindsay Turnbull.  

Before joining the Rhizosphere lab I completed my MSci in Plant Sciences from the University of Manchester where my Masters year project was spent working on predicting and sequencing novel miRNAs, and elucidating  their role in Somatic embryogenesis, in the genus Kalanchoe under the supervision of Professor Sam Griffiths-Jones. 


In October 2022: DPhil student, Year 2 of 4 years

Tom’s studies are funded by the Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme