Jack Parsons

fullsizeoutput_649Following my undergraduate studies in Biotechnology and Enterprise at the University of Manchester, I have joined the Doctoral Training Partnership programme, and the lab of Prof. Phil Poole, at the University of Oxford with the aim of completing DPhil studies in the area of Plant Biotechnology and Global Food Security research. During this time, I hope to make important contributions to research aiming to tackle the growing challenges that currently face global food production.

My research interests focus specifically on applying cutting edge bioscience techniques to the challenge of global food security. I am currently pursuing a number of approaches to characterize the molecular networks underpinning root attachment in the early stage of Rhizobium/Pisum sativum symbiosis. These include lux-based luminescence assays, INSeq, SPyVET and nodulation competitiveness work.

Work in Global Food Security is currently heavily funded by various agencies such as the BBSRC, NSF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whilst my own research at the University of Oxford is funded by a New College Scholarship.

In Oct 2019: DPhil thesis submitted

Jack’s studies are funded by:

bio_dtp_logo_smallnew-college1379 Society Old Members Scholarship