Beatriz Jorrín

I’m a PostDoc in Phil Poole’s lab since July 2016. Throughout my PhD I acquired a strong background in rhizobial genomics together with legume host specificity. During my first three years in Oxford I was part of Indian-UK Nitrogen Fixation Centre (IUNFC) whose aim was to decipher the genomics of pigeon pea (Cajuns cajan) endosymbionts. Recently, I joined a new project focus on microbiome assembly in plant roots. By defining a synthetic community (SynCom) of 6-7 members our aim is to reduce the microbiome complexity. Thus, we will be able to decipher the genetic determinants that drive the complex microbe-microbe and microbe-plant interactions. We are applying different available or developed tools like Differential Fluorescent Marker (DFM) base on miniTn7 transposon integration, Barcoded-Transposon mutagenesis (BarSeq) or RNA-Seq.

If you have any inquiry related with rhizobial genomics, synthetic communities or fluorescent labelling strains, please do not hesitate to contact me:


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This work is funded by the BBSRC