Maribel Rubia Galiano

MaribelI am a PhD student in the Public University of Navarre (Spain) under the supervision of Cesar Arrese-Igor. Within my thesis, I am using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes and mass spectrometry analyses to investigate the influence of source-sink relations and long distance transport in the regulation of biological nitrogen fixation under drought in the legume-Rhizobium symbiosis.

As part of my thesis, I am now involved in a short project at Poole’s group as visiting scientist, from September until the end of December 2015. I am collaborating with postdoc researcher Carmen Sánchez within her project: PTS regulation of ABC transporters. This collaboration is allowing me to learn several standard molecular biology techniques, and it would serve me also to better understand the regulation of carbon metabolism in Rhizobium, which would be useful to reach my research objectives within my thesis.