Plant-Microbe Group

Held on the third Wednesday in the month,  9.30am Schlich


Joint group meetings Poole Lab

Sept. 18th 2019- Sam

Oct 16th 2019- Raphael

Nov 20th 2019- Andrzej

Dec 18th 2019- Vinoy

Sept. 19th 2018- Jack

Oct. 17th 2018 – Beatriz

Nov. 21st 2018 – Paul

Jan. 16th 2019 – Laura

Feb. 20th 2019 – Marta

March 20th 2019 – Javi

April 17th 2019- Tim – No meeting?

May 15th 2019- Brandon

June 2019 – No meeting clash with student talks

Apr 18th 2018- Kyle

May 16th 2018 – Hayley

June 20th 2018 – Sam

Jan 24th 2018 – Marcela

Feb 21st 2018 – Rachel

Mar 21st 2018 – no meeting, Poole Lab retreat

Oct 18th 2017- Carmen

Nov 15th 2017 – Andrzej

Dec 13th 2017 – Vinoy

Order is:

Hayley, Bea, Patrick, Paul, Laura, Javi, Tim, Brandon, Sam, Raphael, Andrzej, Vinoy, Carolin, Carmen,

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