Brandon Ford

I came to the Poole Lab in January 2018 via the Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP October 2017 intake, after graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2017 with an MBiolSci in Molecular Biology.

I am interested in symbiotic interactions between plants and microbes, and specifically in what makes some strains of Rhizobia more competitive at colonising legumes than others. This can have implications for food security and sustainable agriculture.

My research involves analysing transposon insertion sequencing (INSeq) data for genes that can be disrupted to confer competitive advantage, to be followed by further investigation with biochemical and genetic techniques.

In October 2020: DPhil Student, Year 4 of 4 years

My research is funded by a BBSRC iCASE Studentship, supported by the Nottingham-based company Legume Technology.