OxBacNet – a networking group, linking bacteriologists working in Oxford.

Organised by Judith Armitage (Dept. of Biochemistry, judith.armitage@bioch.ox.ac.uk) and Philip Poole (Dept.of Plant Sciences, philip.poole@plants.ox.ac.uk), we aim to have three meetings a year, held on Wednesday afternoon of fourth week each term. There will be research talks by senior and junior scientists, followed by opportunities for networking (and possibly even pizza!)

Next meeting:

2pm Wed 31st October 2018 in Large Lecture Theatre, Dept. of Plant Sciences, South Parks Road, OX1 3RB

To join the OxBacNet mailing list or for further details contact Alison East (Dept.of Plant Sciences, alison.east@plants.ox.ac.uk)

Previous meetings:

May 2018

Chair: Philip Poole (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
2pm Wei Huang wei.huang@eng.ox.ac.uk(Dept. of Engineering) From single cell to synthetic biology
2.30pm Colin Kleanthous colin.kleanthous@bioch.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Biochemistry) Spatiotemporal organization of the bacterial outer membrane and its consequences
3pm Susan Lea susan.lea@path.ox.ac.uk(Dunn School of Pathology) Using structure to dissect function in bacteria-host interactions
3.30pm TEA in Dept. of Plant Sciences Common Room
Chair: Emma Sadler (Dept. of Biochemistry)
4pm Marcela Mendoza-Suárez marcela.mendozasuarez@plants.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Identifying competitive and effective rhizobial strains: Getting to the root of the problem
4.15pm Alex Orlek alex.orlek@wolfson.ox.ac.uk (Nuffield Department of Medicine) An in silico tool for comparative analysis of bacterial plasmids using high-throughput sequencing data
4.30pm Ana Cehovin ana.cehovin@path.ox.ac.uk  (Dunn School of Pathology) Novel Neisseria gonorrhoeae lineages with high prevalence of resistance plasmids: implications for plasmid maintenance
4.45pm Rachel Wheatley  rachel.wheatley@univ.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Fitness determinants in Rhizobium-legume symbioses
5pm Frederic Lauber frederic.lauber@bioch.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Biochemistry) and Justin Deme justin.deme@path.ox.ac.uk (Dunn School of Pathology) Structural studies of bacterial secretion systems
5.30pm Pizza and beer in Dept. of Plant Sciences Common Room


Feb 2018

Chair: Philip Poole (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
2pm Renier van der Hoorn renier.vanderhoorn@plants.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Molecular dialogs at the plant-pathogen interface
2.30pm Christoph Tang christoph.tang@path.ox.ac.uk  (Dunn School of Pathology) Title TBC
3.pm Ian Thompson ian.thompson@eng.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Engineering) Engineering Microbial Communities
3.30pm TEA in Plant Sciences Dept. Common Room
Chair: Beatriz Jorrín (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
4pm Lindsay Baker lindsay@strubi.ox.ac.uk (STRUBI) Native Membrane Structural Biology:  A hybrid approach to study bacterial membrane proteins across resolutions in their native environment
4.15pm Vinoy Ramachandran vinoy.ramachandran@plants.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Plant Sciences) How rhizobia attach to and colonise legume roots
4.30pm Jun Fan jun.fan@physics.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Physics) Super-resolution imaging of transcription organisation in different physiological states
4.45pm Daniel Unterweger daniel.unterweger@zoo.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Zoology) Bacterial warfare during chronic infection
5pm Marie-Louise Francis (Dept. of Biochemistry) marie-louise.francis@stx.ox.ac.uk Colicin translocation through the E. coli cell envelope
5.15pm Paulo Bettencourt paulo.bettencourt@ndm.ox.ac.uk (The Jenner Institute) Identification of Mycobacterial Antigens Presented by MHC Molecules from Infected Macrophages using Mass Spectrometry
5.35pm Pizza and beer in Plant Sciences Dept. Common Room