OxBacNet – a networking group, linking bacteriologists working in Oxford.

Organised by Judith Armitage (Dept. of Biochemistry, judith.armitage@bioch.ox.ac.uk) and Philip Poole (Dept.of Plant Sciences, philip.poole@plants.ox.ac.uk), we aim to have three meetings a year, held on Wednesday afternoon of fourth week each term. There will be research talks by senior and junior scientists, followed by opportunities for networking (and possibly even pizza!)

Next meeting:

2pm Wed 31st October 2018 in Large Lecture Theatre, Dept. of Plant Sciences, South Parks Road, OX1 3RB

2pm Judy Armitage (Dept. of Biochemistry) Short introduction/announcements
Chair: Ruth Cohen Khait (Dept. of Biochemistry)
2.10pm Peijun Zhang peijun@strubi.ox.ac.uk(STRUBI) Tales of Bacterial Chemosensory Arrays
2.40pm Hee-Jeon Hong hee-jeon.hong@brookes.ac.uk (Dept. of Biological and Medical Sciences, Oxford Brookes)Functional Genomics of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites in Actinomycetes
3.10pm Paul Rutten paul.rutten@biodtp.ox.ac.uk(Dept. of Plant Sciences) How does oxygen regulation prepare Rhizobium for life in nodules?
3.25pm Catherine Fan catherine.fan@wolfson.ox.ac.uk (IBME) Zombie Cells: a novel chassis for synthetic biology




TEA in Dept. of Plant Sciences Common Room (area at the back reserved for us)

Chair: Judy Armitage (Dept. of Biochemistry)
4.10pm Keith Jolley keith.jolley@zoo.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Zoology) Open-access bacterial population genomics: PubMLST and the BIGSdb genomics platform
4.25pm Jamie Wheeler james.wheeler@linacre.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Zoology) How do bacteria navigate through developing biofilms?
4.40pm Stephan Uphoff stephan.uphoff@bioch.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Biochemistry) Imaging real-time dynamics of mutagenesis in single cells
5.10pm Takuya Machida takuya.machida@chem.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Chemistry) Tunicamycin analogues for developing new class of antibiotics
5.25pm Nattapong Sanguankiattichai nattapong.sanguankiattichai@biodtp.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Pseudomonas syringae produces an inhibitor of plant defence-related b-galactosidase



Pizza and beer in Dept. of Plant Sciences Common Room



To join the OxBacNet mailing list or for further details contact Alison East (Dept.of Plant Sciences, alison.east@plants.ox.ac.uk)

Previous meetings:

May 2018

Chair: Philip Poole (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
2pm Wei Huang wei.huang@eng.ox.ac.uk(Dept. of Engineering) From single cell to synthetic biology
2.30pm Colin Kleanthous colin.kleanthous@bioch.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Biochemistry) Spatiotemporal organization of the bacterial outer membrane and its consequences
3pm Susan Lea susan.lea@path.ox.ac.uk(Dunn School of Pathology) Using structure to dissect function in bacteria-host interactions
3.30pm TEA in Dept. of Plant Sciences Common Room
Chair: Emma Sadler (Dept. of Biochemistry)
4pm Marcela Mendoza-Suárez marcela.mendozasuarez@plants.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Identifying competitive and effective rhizobial strains: Getting to the root of the problem
4.15pm Alex Orlek alex.orlek@wolfson.ox.ac.uk (Nuffield Department of Medicine) An in silico tool for comparative analysis of bacterial plasmids using high-throughput sequencing data
4.30pm Ana Cehovin ana.cehovin@path.ox.ac.uk  (Dunn School of Pathology) Novel Neisseria gonorrhoeae lineages with high prevalence of resistance plasmids: implications for plasmid maintenance
4.45pm Rachel Wheatley  rachel.wheatley@univ.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Fitness determinants in Rhizobium-legume symbioses
5pm Frederic Lauber frederic.lauber@bioch.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Biochemistry) and Justin Deme justin.deme@path.ox.ac.uk (Dunn School of Pathology) Structural studies of bacterial secretion systems
5.30pm Pizza and beer in Dept. of Plant Sciences Common Room


Feb 2018

Chair: Philip Poole (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
2pm Renier van der Hoorn renier.vanderhoorn@plants.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Plant Sciences) Molecular dialogs at the plant-pathogen interface
2.30pm Christoph Tang christoph.tang@path.ox.ac.uk  (Dunn School of Pathology) Title TBC
3.pm Ian Thompson ian.thompson@eng.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Engineering) Engineering Microbial Communities
3.30pm TEA in Plant Sciences Dept. Common Room
Chair: Beatriz Jorrín (Dept. of Plant Sciences)
4pm Lindsay Baker lindsay@strubi.ox.ac.uk (STRUBI) Native Membrane Structural Biology:  A hybrid approach to study bacterial membrane proteins across resolutions in their native environment
4.15pm Vinoy Ramachandran vinoy.ramachandran@plants.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Plant Sciences) How rhizobia attach to and colonise legume roots
4.30pm Jun Fan jun.fan@physics.ox.ac.uk (Dept. of Physics) Super-resolution imaging of transcription organisation in different physiological states
4.45pm Daniel Unterweger daniel.unterweger@zoo.ox.ac.uk  (Dept. of Zoology) Bacterial warfare during chronic infection
5pm Marie-Louise Francis (Dept. of Biochemistry) marie-louise.francis@stx.ox.ac.uk Colicin translocation through the E. coli cell envelope
5.15pm Paulo Bettencourt paulo.bettencourt@ndm.ox.ac.uk (The Jenner Institute) Identification of Mycobacterial Antigens Presented by MHC Molecules from Infected Macrophages using Mass Spectrometry
5.35pm Pizza and beer in Plant Sciences Dept. Common Room